Our Core Competency

Energy Management

Energy Expense is one of the major components of Towerco expenses. We focus on minimizing energy costs through a holistic approach of process control and technology solution.

A BTS site typically has to consume a specific amount of energy per day to remain up at all times. The process of generating or harnessing this energy at the BTS site and imparting it to the radio equipment @ 48VDC has to be managed in an optimum way. Most losses occur in the process of energy conversion - for example 415VAC to 48VDC or charging input to the Battery bank and discharging output of the battery bank. Energy generation at site by DG needs to be very precisely controlled in order to achieve optimum energy management.

We at iSON Tower support telecom industry with power solutions for BTS sites where we work from end to end starting from sizing of solution keeping in mind the future expansion requirement of network infrastructure. We are highly focused towards providing clean energy as part of energy management. In the solar sector, we have the capability of consulting, design, supply and build services. iSON Tower has significant project management experience in Solar domain through the hands-on deployment of 22MW plants worldwide.

For our network rollout in various territories worldwide, we have used Solar solutions & combinations of all power components such as :

  • Solar - DG Hybrid
  • Solar + Battery Only
  • DG + Battery


We at iSON Tower proudly believe that we are highly cost competitive and the most optimal Managed Services provider in the world catering to one billion plus subscribers. For emerging markets, we work on transformational methodology where we are committed to bring down cost substantially while delivering SLAs through measures like:

  • Cross functional skills - Telecom, Non telecom and DG infrastructure are maintained by a common engineer thus avoiding too many trips.
  • Strong Process layer to make whole system efficient.
  • Learning & Development - Huge focus on training & development by hiring local resources who in turn are trained by trainers who have worked in emerging markets.

iSON Tower provides complete end-to-end Managed Services to MNOs for both active and passive equipment:

  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance
  • Fuel Filling
  • Fibre Maintenance
  • NOC and RMS
  • Servies on 24 x 7 basis
  • Experienced Management / Engineers / Technicians / Riggers and HR
  • World Class designed processes

Network Deployment

iSON Tower has developed a service delivery concept using a professional mix of local, in-house capabilities and subcontractors. We can manage these capabilities in a way that has proven to be successful and results in a very high degree of customer satisfaction. Due to the presence in different geographies and working experience under different conditions, we have developed systems and processes as well as a robust quality management system whereby we can continuously meet the customer’s expectations.

The Network Deployment services are delivered as per the following:

  • Telecom Project Management
  • Supplies of tower and power equipment
  • Full Turnkey Services including site acquisition and civil works
  • BTS Installation
  • Network Integration

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RF Planning

iSON Tower works closely with MNOs to drive growth and development of our business. One of the key factors to have a win - win scenario in tower sharing business is to workout rollout plans with the MNOs which in turn will increase the Tenancy ratio for the towerco and reduce opex for MNOs. Our goal is to make the decision to choose iSON Tower a choice that MNOs cannot afford not to make.

iSON Tower has a core competency & skilled manpower for RF planning to help MNOs optimize network rollout and achieve higher network performance. We provide the following services :

  • Network Planning
  • Network optimization
  • Traffic re-routing
  • Network performance benchmark tests
  • Monitor specific key minimum KPIs performance.
  • Physical optimization as requested by network optimization engineers


iSON Tower's real-time solution for NOC and RMS provides the MNOs with the highest level of service by reducing site's downtime to the lowest in the industry. The system has many features as energy management, active security/protection, environment management, and preventive maintenance, all performed by automatic work force management that is monitored 24/7. iSON Tower's solution includes comprehensive, intuitive and userfriendly graphics reflecting:

  • Holistic view of network
  • Dynamic reporting and alerting thresholds with built-in logic
  • Infrastructure replacement predictions
  • Green power management
  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance of all devices and procedures on site
  • Comprehensive cross-vendor view of the entire infrastructure
  • Site process documentation
  • Diesel level and flow monitoring
  • Asset management

iSON Tower's NOC and RMS solutions provide us with an infrastructure to monitor, manage and control our assets inside the Telecom Towers distributed over a wide geography. We deliver business value through:

  • Increased Tower Uptimes
  • Reduced OpEx Spends
  • Higher Asset Utilization
  • Energy Monitoring