Our Offerings

Tower Sharing & Collocation

We offer a platform for technology and infrastructure sharing for mobile and broadband operators in emerging markets resulting in telecom resource optimization and greater overall efficiencies for the sector. In addition to leasing space on towers, we provide customized collocation solutions through our in-building systems, outdoor distributed antenna systems and other right-of-way options, managed rooftops and services that speed network deployment.

Our domain knowledge and focus on Tower Sharing technology helps operators to progress from Passive Infra sharing to Active Infra sharing and eventually to Spectrum Sharing in the long term, resulting in optimum utilization of scarce telecommunication resources.

Network Deployment

iSON Tower is one of the fastest growing global infrastructure delivery company, today we stand at a service portfolio of having built more than 10,000 telecom sites around the globe for different Telecom Operators and Tower Companies.

iSON Tower suite of network deployment services covers every aspect from Telecom field engineering, Telecom project engineering and Telecom equipment installation, to Telecom traffic integration, test and turn-up, and cut over. In addition to these key services, we provide expert project management. Our staff is well equipped to drive the schedule, resolve issues, and meet the budget. We also assist clients in solving tough technical and logistical challenges.

iSON Tower also provides In-Building System and Distributed Antenna System which can be installed in a building for wireless communications. Distributed Antenna System are transparent to mobile devices, providing both voice and data services to mobile devices just like any tower on a cellular network. Densely populated high-traffic indoor spaces such as hotels, shopping malls, MRT tunnels, medical centers and high-rise buildings are all good candidates for DAS deployments.

iSON Tower is one crucial part of a much larger communications ecosystem – we work closely with all kinds of organizations, including but not limited to: local councils, landowners, designers, installers and, of course, network operators. We work at the back-end to ensure that the necessary contractual frameworks are already in place, so our customers needn’t start from scratch with things like site searches and acquisition, planning permission and construction permits. We have strong existing relationships with businesses in all of these categories and more, making it possible for us to deploy network infrastructure quickly and cost-efficiently.

Manage with Licence to Lease

iSON Tower also provides MLL services to MNOs for the towers wherein MNOs already have existing tenants:

  • iSON Tower provides Maintenance Services to MNOs as per the sites defined and agreed in the contract subject to carrying out a site audit and technical due diligence.
  • iSON Tower markets and leases the sites for collocation with other MNOs.
  • iSON Tower performs the services in accordance with the service levels specified by the MNOs.