OUR Tower Portfolio

iSON Tower has been serving GSM operators with a complete range of Tower Portfolio which includes Angular, Tubular, Hybrid Towers and Monopoles. With its expert team, ISON Tower provides services such as installing fields by getting all the necessary permissions; installing, maintaining and removing the tower and systems on it when it’s not useable anymore. Our portfolio includes all kinds of towers including Angular, Monopole and Eco-friendly Towers. Moreover, we can add innovative towers like composite tower and telescopic tower to our portfolio through our Engineering and Design team.

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Self-Support Tower

Self-Support Towers ( Ground Based Towers, Roof Top Towers, Guyed Masts and Poles ).

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Monopole Tower

iSON Tower provides the most tested and efficient monopole towers in the Industry. Our Monopole Towers are constructed by heavy duty galvanized steel. Monopole towers are easy to install & operate and specially designed to help various antenna loads and wind speed ranging from 15 mtr. to 50 mtr.

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Palm & Camouflage Towers

Palm & Camouflage Towers are specially design to conceal the steel structure and add cosmetic value suitable to the location around that. These towers are primarily used to ‘disguise’ cell phone towers to better blend in with their surroundings.

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Capsule Tower

Capsule Tower is a fully encapsulated design, prepared for indoor and M-R radio configurations. These towers add decorative value to the location and also provide branding opportunities

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Typical design includes a self-erecting pneumatic mast with staged locking and various head frame options for different antenna types, a separate microwave antenna mount, 19” racks for radio equipment, DC power, full electrical and mechanical fit-out.

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These towers present foundation fixed self-supporting console systems. They are designed as segmented, spatial, rectangular or triangular base steel lattices with partially variable and partially constant cross section.

In cases of special exploitation circumstances, it is possible to acquire a desirable tower height by removing parts (segments) from the top or from the bottom of the tower.

These constructions are useful in many ways and can be used efficiently for radio centers or any other situation which requires mounting large number of panel and dish antennas.

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Tower Type :55m

  • ¼ Space occupied compare to Standard BTS site.
  • Cost 20% Less to Supply + Deploy.
  • 25m to 60m model available
  • 42m/s+13m^2 equipment load available
  • 46m/s+18m^2 equipment load available
  • Co-location up to 3 operators available
  • Securely enclosed – Both top and bottom
  • Re-deployable + Movable from 1 site to another
  • Zero wet concrete works – Ballast fill foundation a
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Site Concealment offerings – Camouflaging

  • Camouflaging cell towers and equipment helps keep both the neighbours and the cell users happy. It is often difficult to tell which structures or even which trees may be hiding an antenna.
  • Everyone wants cell phone service, but no one wants to look at big metal towers. ISON Tower Camouflage is helping to transform unattractive cell towers into part of the scenery. Towers can be disguised as pine trees, palm trees, cacti, flaBLoles, chimneys, water towers, crosses or grain silos depending on the surrounding environment.

DAS Concealment

  • Outdoor DAS system requirements have blurred or eliminated the line between equipment enclosures and antenna structures
  • Our latest innovations include structures that seamlessly and efficiently merge these requirements into a single compact structure that is as highly functional as it is attractive.
  • With an ability to hold multiple RRUs and antennas, and with functional lights, these solutions can pack multiple carriers into a very efficient space.